What kind of sampling programs are available?

We have totally redesigned our sample board program for "point of purchase" as well as field selections. The new boards comprehensively show our product line offering via representative glaze  sample chips of in stock items, actual product illustrating size  and all spec information on the back of the board.

The newly designed AC700 and AC800 Series Display Boards, 18" x 24" on C/E card stock 200 pt. board are ideal for any showroom, tabletop exhibit, retail display, or customer presentation. These stylish boards require little space, feature rounded corners, and comfortable hand holes to conveniently carry. Their durable design can withstand the demanding rigors of the industry and will increase sales by getting products into the hands and minds of prospective customers.

Comprehensive and professional, this showcase of products represents actual size, finishes, color and dimensions, both commercial and residential mounting styles. The glaze chips on the boards feature eight bright glaze colors: three matte glaze chips and three stone look chips sure to match your specific needs.