AC Products Co. introduces 9" Ceramic Corner Shelf with integrated "Tidy Hook" for those hard to store items

AC Products, American Made Ceramic Accesories

This new innovative product received a patent for its' unique design. 
It is entirely ceramic and utilizes an integral cast ceramic hook on the bottom of the shelf to store hanging items in shower and bath areas.

The genesis of this product was born of demand and based on observation.  It was recommended to
to us that this type of product be developed because many people use items in their bathing areas
and have no place to efficiently store them.  Many times you will see a "back brush" or a "luffa pad", etc. either
delicately balanced in the corner of the tub/shower area or simply laying in the bottom of the tub and/or shower.
The new #781 Tidy Hook solves this dilemma by incorporating an integrally cast ceramic hook on the bottom
of a 9" Jumbo Corner Shelf.  The end result is efficient storage for those items that were once very difficult
to store.