Our Manufacturing Process

AC Products, American Made Ceramic Accesories

Quality products begin with quality raw materials.  We start with high quality clays and other mineral components and blend them together in a wash of water to exacting formulaic requirements. The blending process occurs in a specific temperature controlled environment for an extended period of time. Once the “slip” material meets composition and specific gravity requirements, it is conveyed to holding tanks where it is readied for transmission to a variety of molding rooms within our plant.  The “slip” is then injected into hundreds of molds representing the shape of the product in production.  After maturation in the molds, the clay form is released and removed from the molds where they are positioned in an initial drying environment. After the initial drying, each piece is hand finished and smoothed to remove mold parting lines.  This process is completed by our highly skilled employees and gives us a “first defense” opportunity to insure that our products will meet exacting standards. Now that we have our “green ware pieces” completed, it is time to add the color and finish. The green ware pieces are then sent through an automated dryer to remove any residual moisture. The dry piece is then coated with a premixed glaze either via a machine or by hand dipping (depending on the piece). The glazed green ware is then loaded on “refractory furniture,” positioned on various kiln cars and then submitted to a firing cycle of 2100 degrees Fahrenheit for about 8 hours in one of our many shuttle kilns.  After firing, the product is inspected, selected and packaged.  This entire process is where Old World Craftsmanship and Technology meet resulting in the highest quality products.