Frequently Asked Questions

We have totally redesigned our sample board program for "point of purchase" as well as field selections. The new boards comprehensively show our product line offering via representative glaze  sample chips of in stock items, actual product illustrating size  and all spec information on the back of the board.

The newly designed AC700 and AC800 Series Display Boards, 18" x 24" on C/E card stock 200 pt. board are ideal for any showroom, tabletop exhibit, retail display, or customer presentation. These stylish boards require little space, feature rounded corners, and comfortable hand holes to conveniently carry. Their durable design can withstand the demanding rigors of the industry and will increase sales by getting products into the hands and minds of prospective customers.

Comprehensive and professional, this showcase of products represents actual size, finishes, color and dimensions, both commercial and residential mounting styles. The glaze chips on the boards feature eight bright glaze colors: three matte glaze chips and three stone look chips sure to match your specific needs.

AC Products maintains an In-Stock Program that assures a minimal order turnaround on most typical orders.  Usually, items that need to be manufactured are shipped within a two week period.  Our production scheduling and plant flexibility allows us to have the highest on-time delivery and high fill rate experiences.  Large volume orders, which may occasionally exceed the two week window, receive the same scheduling priority as our normal volume orders. We promise short lead time on special orders without compromising consistent quality and reliability.

Every piece manufactured by AC Products goes through a selection process during the manufacturing routines as well as during the final selection prior to the piece being packaged.  Our highly skilled workforce understands that quality comes first and this commitment is exercised during every major production process.  Every piece we manufacture has been inspected 4 times before it enters our inventory.  Every change we make in our plant has to pass the "Quality First" test. The expertise of our dedicated workforce coupled with the unique craftsmanship of our USA manufactured products are what set us apart in the industry.

The AC700 Series Stylish display board features highly attractive premium ceramic bath accessories, offering a professional and functional presentation.

This selling tool presents a selection of hand-designed products that will perfectly adapt to any bath and reflects actual stocked colors, finishes, dimensions and mounting systems. Use this display board as a convenient selling tool along with your inventory of quality AC Products ceramic fixtures.

The AC800 Series Sleek & Contemporary display board showcases the most popular bath accessories inspired by the introduction and popularity of contemporary home designs. Available with multiple mountings, these quality accesories can blend into any wall decor, with or without tile, presenting a classy atmosphere.

The perfect sales tool. This display board spotlights the unique design, color, finish, dimensions, and mounting of the 800 series Sleek & Contemporary to satisfy any customer.

We are glad to quote any of your special needs products, even if they fall outside of the ceramic bath accessory and pool tile markets.  Any products that require slip casting are of potential interest to us.  Please do not hesitate to contact us for an evaluation and a quotation.